Why We Love a Good Livestream

When we’re out at a client event—whether it be a weekly meeting, a festival, a concert, or an award ceremony, we like to make sure that one of us is livestreaming via Facebook Live or Instagram Live while the other snaps photos that we can use for social media and blogging.

Photo by: Josh Rose

Photo by: Josh Rose

Here’s a list of the top 5 advantages to livestreaming on social media:

  1. It takes people behind the scenes. Recently, we attended a fun concert called “Link Up” for one of our clients, Sinfonia. Over 3,000 children from local elementary schools were bussed to the Emerald Coast Convention Center, where they played the songs they learned in music class in tandem with the orchestra. It was the perfect time for livestreaming, because Sinfonia social media followers could watch the concert in real-time while seeing all the happy smiles on the kids’ faces as they played along on their recorders! It was so cute :).

  2. It’s informative. Articles and blog posts are great and necessary, but livestreaming is a visual way to capture an audience that otherwise might not know much about the brand. A minute-long livestream about a product or the brand itself visually connects consumers in a way that an article just can’t.

  3. It brings the brand to life. Doing a livestream allows consumers to see and “meet” the people behind the brand from the comfort of their smartphone screens (laptops and tablets, too but research shows that most people are consuming content on their phones these days). Livestreaming further embeds a brand’s own “personality” so that consumers feel like they “know” the brand. For example, we did a livestream at a Regional Awards Ceremony for our client, Keller Williams Emerald Coast Realty last week. The Facebook live video allowed other Keller Williams agents who couldn’t attend the ceremony, as well as potential customers to watch and learn more about KWEC’s company values as a whole.

  4. No time limit: You can livestream for 30 seconds, an hour, three hours (although we don’t recommend that!). We’re just saying that another plus to live streaming is that, unlike SnapChat and Instagram Story, there’s no time limit to the livestream. Note to self though: when you decide to livestream, start 15 seconds before the event begins. It takes a few seconds for Facebook and Instagram to boot up the live system.

  5. It’s free! Businesses don’t have to pay for fancy software to livestream. The only thing they need is a Facebook or Instagram account and a smartphone or tablet.

To learn more about livestreaming, Entrepreneur.com wrote up a great article on some livestreaming video tips. Happy streaming!