Boscia = Bright Eyes!

Boscia is seriously the bomb!

I stumbled across this tiny tube of heaven, thanks to one of the ladies at the local Sephora in Destin Commons. I popped into the store after a day at the beach (lookin’ a hot mess, of course) just to grab a new tube of mascara. I always ask the opinion of the people working in the store on a product before buying, so I was chatting with one girl about new type of mascara. We totally got sidetracked and started talking about her new favorite product, a eye brightening B.B. cream by a brand called Boscia.

She put the TINYEST little bit on her finger (literally, 1/4th of the size of your pinky nail) and started dabbing under my eye, on my eyelid, and in the inner corner of my eye. I kid you not…within 30 seconds, I went from busted beach girl to bright eyed and bushy tailed. Praise Jehovah. I totally bought it and now I can’t remember what life was like before! I have even noticed that my eye shadow and liner tend to look more vibrant and stay longer when I use the Boscia B.B. Eye Brightening Cream. It also has SPF 20! It has basically taken the place of my concealer- period.  I still use my Smashbox eye primer on top of it, but those two working together have taken my eye makeup to a whole new level (If I do say so myself!)

This tiny tube is sold for $38, and seriously worth every penny. I use it everyday and have had the bottle for over 2 months. Since you only use a tiny bit, this little bottle will last you quite a while! There is only one color, because the cream automatically blends to match whatever skin color you have. It is actually located in the skin care section of Sephora. If the rest of Boscia’s products are as awesome as the B.B. Eye Brightener, I will be trying and buying all of their products.

Want the B.B. Eye Brightener? Go get it. Now.

BOOM- Hopefully your day (and eyes) just got a little brighter!