Life • Tone • Burn

I love to workout. Being an athlete my entire life, I love the physical activity and really enjoy group classes. I work out five days a week, for one hour each day. I have always done this, ever since I quit playing team sports when I was 19. I always try to mix up my workouts with spin class, bootcamps and such, but currently my obsession is Pure Barre. They just opened a studio right in the center of Destin near Best Buy, just 5 minutes from my office and ten from my house!

I have run a half marathon, treaded water with ankle weights, done boot camps, etc and I must say, Pure Barre is INTENSE. Don’t let the whole “ballet” idea fool you. This workout will make a grown man cry! The class is one hour and is a full body workout, specifically targeting all of the areas that most women want to see changes- arms, abs, thighs, and butt. I started in June, and literally within 2 or 3 weeks (going 3-4 times a week) I started seeing a change in my body and people were commenting on my results- especially my arms! I have been hooked ever since. I go to class 3 to 4 times a week. I sign up with the app on my iPhone and they have a spot reserved for me when I arrive. Sometimes I go in the morning, and other times I will go to the 5:30 class- just depends on what is going on with work. They usually offer four to six different classes everyday so I can always figure out a time to get in there.

It’s kinda funny- if you were to just walk by the studio during a class, it would probably just look like a group of women holding a leg up in the air, standing on their tippy toes, and mini crotch thrusting. Little do you know….pure TORTURE is happening! Haha no, but really, it burns so badly I start thinking drastic thoughts. They call it a “smart” exercise because you can’t just stand there lifting your leg. You mentally have to take your brain to the muscle you are targeting. It is amazing how lifting and lowering your leg just ONE inch can drive…you…IN.SANE. It is one hour where I physically CANNOT think about anything else, and I love it. I need that. I actually look forward to this workout.

Last week I was officially inducted into the “100 Club” which means I have made it through 100 classes! (and lived to tell it!) I was inducted by receiving the signature 100 Club socks, and I am honored to sport them!