Ads are what you pay for; PR is what you PRAY for.

Ads are what you PAY for, PR is what you PRAY for! PR isn't all about shaking hands and kissing babies. It's building relationships and being in the right place at the right time to score something that money can't buy, exposure. We find the unique stories within your business and pitch them to the media to hopefully score your business on the front page of the newspaper, on the home page of that booming blog, on the evening news or the cover of a magazine. 

What all exactly goes into PR? Glad you asked

Is your business offering a new service? Or maybe you just hired a vital new team member? These are all topics that are worthy of a press release to alert the media about your exciting news. We craft the release and send it out to our golden list of precious, precious media contacts to see if they just might bite and run our story for FREE. It's a beautiful thing!

Media Relations is crucial to keep your business top of mind for the opportunities that may arise. We meet weekly or monthly with key media professionals to keep them updated about your exciting happenings and also to consistently stay in the know about what they have coming down the pike. 

Strategic PR planning is a unique and cost effective way to get your business attention. How about painting your office building pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month? (Just kidding) Or maybe hosting a coat drive before winter to donate to a local shelter? We get creative to make something newsworthy happen within your business to help gain free exposure and maybe even help the community in the process! Win/Win, right? 


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Good PR is more valuable than gold.

Hope you are ready to shine!