What does an IMC company do? 

Integrated Marketing Communications. That's just it! A little bit of everything. We come in and analyze your business and put together a strategic blend of services to tell your story and help you reach your business goals. 



Without it, your business will die. You can have the greatest restaurant, medical practice, shopping center, art gallery, etc, but if no one knows you exist you won't be able to survive! We make sure you are spending your dollars in the right place, at the right time...and make the ad look flawless! 

Brand Development

When someone mentions your business, what do people think? Do they see a logo in their mind? Or hear your slogan? We help establish a brand that is memorable and give that brand a voice. 

Public Relations

Ads are what you PAY for, PR is what you PRAY for! PR isn't all about shaking hands and kissing babies. It's building relationships and being in the right place at the right time to score something that money can't buy, exposure and a good reputation.

P.S. This photo isn't encouraging you to take any PR advice from Donald Trump! His publicist better be paid generously...

Digital Media

The world has become a digital place! So, it's time for your business get on board, or get lost in the past! I work with clients to create, manage and maintain their businesses' digital presence. Websites, SEO, blogs, email marketing and more! 

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P-A-R-T-WHY? Because you want to grow your business. Product launches, Grand Openings, Anniversarys, Fundraisers and more! 

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, OH MY! There are over 100 social media platforms out there. We will make sure you are on the right ones, with engaging and appropriate content for your industry.